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Timeshare Renter FAQ

If you are not able to enjoy your timeshare this year, find a simple solution with a timeshare rental. By advertising your week through’s online timeshare resale marketplace, you can find someone to rent your timeshare so it is still getting use, and you can make some extra money.

If you’re interested in renting your timeshare, but have questions, this is a great place to start. Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from owners below, or contact one of our rental specialists.

How Much Should I List My Timeshare Week For?

There is no set price on how much a timeshare rental should be for. A variety of factors go into what a realistic asking price would be, considering location, resort brand, size of unit, and what season you own.

How Can I Trust Travelers with My Timeshare?

Once you have agreed to terms with a renter, our customer service team can walk you through the process of protecting against unwanted damages. Secure a notarized liability agreement with your renter to relieve you and your family of any unexpected fees resulting from their stay. Contact your resort to let them know a guest will be coming in your place and only use secure payment methods to send and receive funds.

Do I Have to Notify the Resort that I Will Be Renting it Out?

Yes, you will be the one responsible for informing the resort of your rental. Once you have found a suitable renter, you must call to provide the resort with renter names and information so that they are able to check in under your timeshare unit.

When I Accept an Offer, How Do I Get Paid?

How you choose to exchange funds is between you and the renter. It is a good idea to have the plan set in place as soon as you accept an offer. Online services like PayPal are great options, or you can use a professional escrow service.